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  • Happy Place Hoodie

    Step outside your comfort zone in style with our Happy Place hoodie. Its perfect eco-friendly blend of 95% recycled polyester and 5% spandex promises breathability, fast drying, and durability.

    It boasts a soft hand feel and a two-way stretch fabric that moves with you. Comfortable enough to be worn every day, its functionality is boosted by a kangaroo pocket that keeps your things secure throughout your travels. Remember that you’re not afraid to test your limits and enter your next adventure with comfort on your side!


    As every store is different, we recommend consulting our sizing chart to ensure these eco-friendly, travel-ready hoodies accompany you on your next escapade.


    Because it’s handmade for you, our leggings require 6-8 business days before they are shipped. Orders placed before midnight will be included in the following day’s batch for manufacturing.

    Versatility Meets Adventure

    Our eco-friendly hoodies are like the Swiss Army knife of comfort and adventure. They're crafted from a soft, sustainable blend of materials that feels like a gentle hug, perfect for those cozy moments. Yet, they're tough enough to tag along on your wildest outdoor adventures, thanks to their breathable and quick-drying features. It's all about striking that sweet spot between snuggle-worthy softness for lazy days and rugged readiness for when the spirit of adventure calls. Ideal for anyone who loves to blend lounging with lunging across landscapes!

    Absolutely! Our eco-friendly hoodies are designed to be your go-to garment, keeping you comfy on a trail and chic in the city. They're made with a focus on breathability and flexibility, making them perfect for an active day outdoors. And with their stylish design, they transition smoothly into your urban wardrobe, ensuring you look good whether you're navigating a forest or a cityscape. It's all about versatile fashion that suits your dynamic lifestyle.

    Sizing for the Adventurers

    To find your perfect hoodie match, head over to our detailed sizing chart on the product page. Just like choosing a travel companion, getting the right fit means measuring up and comparing against our guide. This hoodie is designed to embrace a variety of adventurers, ensuring you find that sweet spot between snug comfort and ready-for-anything fit. Check out the sizing chart here to start your journey to the ideal hoodie fit for all your adventures.

    For those adventure-ready hoodie sizing decisions, think about how you'll use it. For active days, a snug fit might be best, but for cozy campfire nights, a little extra room could be just the ticket. If you're torn between sizes, our customer support is like your personal trail guide for sizing. They're here to help map out the best fit for your adventures, ensuring your hoodie is as versatile as your travel plans. Don't hesitate to reach out for that expert fit advice!

    Eco-Explorer Materials & Care

    To keep your hoodie looking great and ready for any adventure, follow these care tips closely:

    Washing: Treat your eco-conscious hoodie to a cold cycle wash. This gentle approach safeguards both the fabric's quality and its eco-friendly nature.

    Ironing: If your hoodie needs a little smoothing out, go for a low temperature on your iron to keep the fabric in top shape.

    Bleaching: Keep bleach at bay to preserve the vibrant colors and the integrity of the material.

    Drying: Opt for air drying. This method not only conserves energy but also helps your hoodie maintain its shape and stretch, ready for your next outing.

    Dry Cleaning: Best to avoid dry cleaning to maintain the hoodie's structure and reduce chemical exposure, aligning with a greener lifestyle.

    Washing Inside Out: Turning your hoodie inside out before washing protects the outer layer from wear and tear, ensuring it stays adventure-worthy.

    Following these instructions will help your eco-friendly hoodie stay durable and reliable, echoing your adventurous spirit and commitment to sustainable exploration.

    Our stylish travel hoodies are a shout-out to Mother Earth, styled with sustainability at their core. They're made from recycled materials, showing off your eco-friendly ethos without saying a word. Each hoodie is a blend of comfort, style, and a promise to do better by our planet, making them the perfect choice for the fashion-forward environmentalist. It's all about wearing your green heart on your sleeve, quite literally!

    Journey to Your Doorstep

    Your eco-friendly hoodie is ready to start its journey to you with the same care and commitment we put into its creation. Once you place your order, we spring into action, crafting your hoodie within 2 to 7 business days, thanks to our sustainable, made-to-order process. After it's ready, your hoodie will be on its way, typically reaching you within 6 to 10 business days. This careful, efficient process ensures your hoodie arrives swiftly, reflecting our dedication to reducing environmental impact and getting you ready for your next adventure.

    Adventure with peace of mind! Given our made-to-order approach, we're all about your satisfaction and sustainability. If there's a hitch with your hoodies, we're just an email away at Reach out within 72 hours of delivery, keep your gear unworn and in its original vibe, and we'll breeze you through the return process. Check our dedicated page for the full lowdown on returns and exchanges. Gear up, worry-free, with us by your side!

    Dress to Express

    Rocking this hoodie seamlessly from rugged trails to cozy taverns is all about layering and accessorizing. Pair it with moisture-wicking base layers for outdoor treks and switch to a classic tee when you're indoors. Accessorize with a beanie or scarf for added flair. The hoodie's versatile design makes it easy to adapt to any setting, ensuring you're always in style, whether you're catching a sunset on a mountain or enjoying a relaxed evening with friends.

    Your eco-conscious hoodie is ready to accompany you on a diverse array of adventures, from the tranquil paths of natural reserves to the energetic streets of metropolitan hubs. Our Journal is brimming with hand-picked destinations that perfectly complement the comfort and style of your hoodie. We consistently refresh our content with both hidden treasures and well-loved spots, ensuring you're always equipped with fresh ideas for your next escapade.

    Stay ahead with our newsletter, your gateway to the latest in travel destinations suited for your eco-friendly hoodie, along with styling tips and sustainable lifestyle advice. This is your ticket to remaining adventure-ready, armed with the ideal gear and insights. Make sure to subscribe to never miss out on the new adventures that beckon you and your trusted hoodie.

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